Friday, 7 April 2017

Arab Excellence Workshop at SIP, UAEU

The Science and Innovation Park at United Arab Emirates University held a one week workshop by Mr. Hamza Chraibi from the Arab Excellence. The workshop covered different important aspects of personal life; such the vision, the goal and the inner power. Also, we learned how to analyze the strength, weakness and build upon these strengths and then how to overcome the weaknesses.  I learned from the story of Mohamed ElQahtani that nothing is impossible. A dream is a reality that is waiting to become true. However, you will face difficulties, disappointments and bad moments. Then you have two choices; either to face it or run away. If you run away, you will make it. I decided to make a meaning for my life and not just to live an ordinary life. I know it wouldn’t be easy, but I believe this worth it. How many lives do we have?
In this workshop I made my vision clearer. I want to become a professor in a high reputation university and enjoy innovation in applied research with my students. This vision is not new. I started since school when my nickname was the future scholar and inventor. I started my path by enrolling in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and specialized in Software Engineering. Another big step was joining the CubeSatellite project where I invented the nano-satellite using my Android smartphone. I continued my journey when I had my master degree in Software Engineering when I came up with smart devices for pilgrims that help them perform better with the minimum learning efforts. Also, I build a platform for drones following Cloud Computing architecture rather than the ordinary Adhoc network for vehicles.
I worked in different big and small research projects, but I realized that these and other innovative projects are just prisoned in university labs. If these projects are applied they will make a significant contribution in our society. That’s was when I decided to make an action and come up with Linovate startup. Linovate is an online platform, that helps me and other researchers who face this issue of the not applied innovation to collaborate with the suitable industry to apply this research.
The journey of making this dream become true is not easy, but I will face it because it worth it to achieve excellence. I defined my vision and I will go for it. And I just say; with passion, nothing is impossible.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Winning the third place in Challenge for Innovation and got the seed capital

It was a great experience to participate in the Challenge for Innovation program from17th to 28th of November 2016, organized by the Science and Innovation Park at UAE University. More than 100 groups submitted their innovative ideas for startup. 35 groups were chosen to be in the competition, only 23 continued till the end of the program. Then 16 groups pitched their ideas to a panel of experts, who chose only 10 groups to be accepted in the incubator program and the first 6 teams get seed capital for the startup.
I was the team leader of my project Linovate (Link-to-Innovate) which is a platform to link academia with industry. My team consists of five members mainly from College of IT and Business. We were enrolled to 16 workshops in teamwork skills and business fundamentals. Also, they provided teams of supervisors and mentors to help in building the business plan and the pitch.
During this great experience I have learned a lot of things. One of the most important things was the Win-Win deal and focusing on the customer validation even before starting building the product. This is a key point for a successful startup. In addition, teamwork is significantly important as no single member is able to do everything. Sharing knowledge and trust build a strong team.
We won the third place in this competition and we are qualified to enter the business incubator and make our dream comes true.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Software Decoder for SRMSAT-1 Cube-Satellite beacon data of SRM University, India, 2011

It was a great memory to find the Software Decoder I developed in 2011 to decode SRMSAT-1 Cube-Satellite beacon data for SRM University, India. The software gets the received data as a text file, and then displays a readable format of the data with chart analysis.  The Software was originally developed for decoding the KNSAT-1 beacon data for University of Khartoum, then modified according to the SRMSAT-1 data. It was used in several ground stations around the world such as Japanese ground stations.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Very Inspiring Personality (VIP) Workshop

During the last three days, I joint the Very Inspiring Personality (VIP) Workshop held at UAE University organized by UAEU Science & Innovation Park, 3rd - 5th September 2016. We met three VIPs who told us about their inspiring stories from zero to success and how they overcome failures. 
The first one was  Sadaffe Abid. She is one of Pakistan’s most successful businesswomen. She was the chief executive of the Kashf Foundation, one of the largest microfinance institutions in Pakistan, growing it from a pilot project in two rooms, to serve 300,000 female clients with micro-loans. Ms Abid also co-founded the Buksh Foundation, a Pakistani start-up that enhances financial access to micro entrepreneurs. 
The second one was Sabriye Tenberken. She lost her sight slowly as a child due to retinal disease. In 1997, Sabriye travelled to Tibet alone in order to assess the situation of the blind there. Returning in 1998, she founded the Centre for the Blind in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, to educate blind people. Before that, blind children had not been able to attend school in Tibet. The school started with five children, with Sabriye initially teaching the children herself, as well as serving as coordinator and advisor. She then began training native Tibetans as teachers, selecting and supervising all staff-members of the Centre.
 Finally,  Roland  Schatz, he started his career as a journalist and worked in Germany‘s leading opinion research institute before founding Media Tenor International in 1993.He opened the first Arab Media Institute in 2007 at Emory University.
This workshop and the stories of the three VIPs increased my confident in my self and gave me the ability to face life difficulties. I have learned a lot of things at these three days. First, things seems impossible until it is done. Also, I liked the attitude of Sabriye who traveled from Germany to Tibet alone and was able to change the mind set of blinded children and their families and how they became proud of them where blindness was considered a punishment by God. 
This workshop was a very amazing experience that will definitely change my life.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Innovative Applications for Smart Content Management

Following the vision of education and industry collaboration, a course project was established between us- software engineering students at UAE University and Digital Engagement Xperience (DEX) team University of Western in Canada. UAE University news.
We had the opportunity to be involved in experiencing hands-on training by applying new engineering principles, processes, and methodologies in developing software systems while utilizing stat-of the art third-party platforms, new design paradigms, development and engineering management tools.
We developed a location aware content management service that can manage a competitions across different geographical locations in different regions, each location has its different time zone and language. For testing purposes, the competition was developed for UAE, Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. Adding more locations by just adding the content and information of that location.
The system displays multimedia content that includes the competition logo and a message of the current stage. The current contest stage localized to the time zone of the location.
The competition has 3 main stages Start stage, Final stage, Winner stage. However, before the competition starts, a waiting message is displayed.

These are  screen shots of the player screen for the different stages for UAE (in Arabic) and Toronto (in English).

UAE stages

Toronto stages

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Smart Drones for Smart Cities Conference!

I have attended "SMART DRONES FOR SMART CITIES" conference! A Technology Conference hosted by Novatech Labs, USA, The conference was in Waldorf Astoria, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai.
The Conference explored these Drone related topics:
  •        Drones, security and the latest interactive technology related to home automation
  •         Specific drone applications in agriculture, construction, policing, mining, energy, solar, mapping, logistics and delivery
  •         Novatech Lab's solutions to existing limitations of drones, including extended flight time, autonomous flight, long-range communication, modular sensor system and encryption
  •         Thalmic Myo Armband with Live Demo
  •         Mobile Security and Mobile Payments
  •         Smarthome and Smart devices

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Winning Third Place in Arab innovation Competition

I participated in the Third Arab Innovation Network Annual Conference (AINAC 2014) 27-28 September, AbuDhabi, UAE, the Youth Competition, which aims to provide a platform for talented and bright minds to showcase their ideas in front of an international audience and get feedback from experts in the field. 
Among 150 participants from different Arab countries, only 11 reached the finals. We presented our ideas/ projects in front of international judges who are experts in the field. I won the third place in the competition by my project "Manasik Guide Devices for Hajj and Umra". which are devices provided for Pilgrims and organizers to help and guide pilgrims in their process during Hajj and Umra as well as keeping track of accompanies -specially children- who are easily getting lost in Hajj. Moreover, Monitoring applications are provided to organizers to manage the whole process of pilgrims and enable helping them easily.
This video illustrate the project idea. manasik guide devices.