Friday, 7 April 2017

Arab Excellence Workshop at SIP, UAEU

The Science and Innovation Park at United Arab Emirates University held a one week workshop by Mr. Hamza Chraibi from the Arab Excellence. The workshop covered different important aspects of personal life; such the vision, the goal and the inner power. Also, we learned how to analyze the strength, weakness and build upon these strengths and then how to overcome the weaknesses.  I learned from the story of Mohamed ElQahtani that nothing is impossible. A dream is a reality that is waiting to become true. However, you will face difficulties, disappointments and bad moments. Then you have two choices; either to face it or run away. If you run away, you will make it. I decided to make a meaning for my life and not just to live an ordinary life. I know it wouldn’t be easy, but I believe this worth it. How many lives do we have?
In this workshop I made my vision clearer. I want to become a professor in a high reputation university and enjoy innovation in applied research with my students. This vision is not new. I started since school when my nickname was the future scholar and inventor. I started my path by enrolling in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and specialized in Software Engineering. Another big step was joining the CubeSatellite project where I invented the nano-satellite using my Android smartphone. I continued my journey when I had my master degree in Software Engineering when I came up with smart devices for pilgrims that help them perform better with the minimum learning efforts. Also, I build a platform for drones following Cloud Computing architecture rather than the ordinary Adhoc network for vehicles.
I worked in different big and small research projects, but I realized that these and other innovative projects are just prisoned in university labs. If these projects are applied they will make a significant contribution in our society. That’s was when I decided to make an action and come up with Linovate startup. Linovate is an online platform, that helps me and other researchers who face this issue of the not applied innovation to collaborate with the suitable industry to apply this research.
The journey of making this dream become true is not easy, but I will face it because it worth it to achieve excellence. I defined my vision and I will go for it. And I just say; with passion, nothing is impossible.

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  1. Exactly,unfortunately most of the projects and graduation project been forgotten after discussion and no one care about it. Linking students with professionals can give them the courage to start their own business and believe in their projects.