Thursday, 20 March 2014

The Cube Satellite (CubeSat) project brochure

I designed a simple brochure for the Cube-Satellite project

The project  BROCHURE Cube-Sat brochure.

The Cube Satellite (CubeSat) project has started in University of Khartoum Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department in October 2010 with the main objective to design, build and launch a fully functional satellite (KN-Sat1). KN-sat1 is the first Sudanese educational Cube satellite complying with the CubeSat specifications. I worked in developing KNSAT prototype which succeeded in operations and able to take photos at certain GPS location and send it to the ground station. It also succeeded in sending RTTY signal for tempreture and GPS location (more details are available in arduino sending RTTY via HX1 radiometrix)
You can also check our facebook page KN-SAT1 project

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