Sunday, 18 May 2014

Usable Microwave - Design Thinking

Continuing with the Human Computer Interaction course, we designed a prototype for more usable microwave. The prototype was mainly made by papers..
The Microwase features were as the following:

  • Two sections of heating, where the user can use either the quick settings or the customized settings.
  • The quick setting is two minutes long of heating and usually for fast heating. Only one click is needed to run this program.
  • The customized setting is used to heat for a certain temperature degree for food. The level of heating is gradual from cold to very hot by color code from blue to dark red. The user just slides the scrolling  bar to the desired degree according to the color then the heat is starting. It is one simple movement action for this program.
  • The case of the microwave is suggested to be a removable container so that it is easy to wash. 
  • The button and the slide bar are located in the door hand itself to increase usability by not having much movement.
This design is easy to use, easy to clean and no need any knowledge about the timer or power needed to heat your food. Just the desired final temperature of the food. With two configurations that could be used separately or at the same time.