Saturday, 7 February 2015

Innovative Applications for Smart Content Management

Following the vision of education and industry collaboration, a course project was established between us- software engineering students at UAE University and Digital Engagement Xperience (DEX) team University of Western in Canada. UAE University news.
We had the opportunity to be involved in experiencing hands-on training by applying new engineering principles, processes, and methodologies in developing software systems while utilizing stat-of the art third-party platforms, new design paradigms, development and engineering management tools.
We developed a location aware content management service that can manage a competitions across different geographical locations in different regions, each location has its different time zone and language. For testing purposes, the competition was developed for UAE, Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. Adding more locations by just adding the content and information of that location.
The system displays multimedia content that includes the competition logo and a message of the current stage. The current contest stage localized to the time zone of the location.
The competition has 3 main stages Start stage, Final stage, Winner stage. However, before the competition starts, a waiting message is displayed.

These are  screen shots of the player screen for the different stages for UAE (in Arabic) and Toronto (in English).

UAE stages

Toronto stages